Members of the staff



Prof. A. Kuttialikutty  M.Com, M.Phil : 9447283235

Dept. of English


Prof. RAYEEZ MUHAMED A.P  -H.O.D- Professor- Retired
Prof. SULAIMAN C M    Professor Professor- Retired
Sri. SHAJAL A          Assistant Professor M.A, B.Ed, SET, TET, Mphil
Smt. SAIRABANU    Assistant Professor M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed
Smt. SHABNA P K    Assistant Professor M.A , M.Ed , SET
Smt. SMITHA.M K   Assistant Professor M.A, B.Ed
Sri. SUDHIN T K       Assistant Professor MCJ



Dept. of Commerce


Prof. T. SURESAN H.O.D Professor- Retired
Smt. NAMIRA.P.N Assistant Professor M.Com
Sri. SANTHOSH.P Assistant Professor M.Com, NET
Sri. SHEMIL. B.A Assistant Professor M.Com, M.Phil, B.Ed, NET
Smt. RASHIDA.P Assistant Professor M.Com, MBA, B.Ed, NET
Smt. SHARANNYA BHOJAN.P K Assistant Professor M.Com
Smt. CHITHRA.K Assistant Professor M.Com
Smt. AMINA JANUS Assistant Professor MBA
Smt. RESHMA K Assistant Professor M.Com, B.Ed
Smt. SIMI. K Assistant Professor M.Com, B.Ed, SET
Sri. MUHAMMED MURSHID. T  Assistant Professor M.Com
Smt. KANTHA BAI K  Assistant Professor M.Com, B.Ed, SET



Dept. of Computer Science 

Smt. SEENA.A.S  Assistant professor M.Sc (St), M.Sc (Maths),B.Ed ,SET
Smt. SHEENA.E Assistant professor MCA, M.Phil
Smt. MUFEEDA.V V Assistant professor MSC CS, NET
Smt.SHIDHILA.C.P Assistant professor MCA , NET
Smt. SUGINA.K.P Assistant professor M.Sc Mathematics , SET
Smt. SHAMSEERA K K Assistant professor MCA,NET
Sri. NITHIN M K Assistant professor MCA
Smt. NUMNA K C Assistant professor M.Sc Statistics
Dept. of Psychology
Sri. MOHAMED BINSHAD Assistant professor M.Sc
Smt. ASEERA NIZAM. P M Assistant professor M.Sc
Smt. FIDA NASEEM Assistant professor Mphil
Smt. SAHALA PK Assistant professor
Mr.Deepu Assistant professor


Other departments


Department Name Designation Qualification
Dept. of Malayalam Smt. SARITHA.K  Assistant professor M.A , B.Ed
Dept. of Hindi Smt. SINDHU.P.M Assistant professor M.A, M.Ed, SET
Dept. of Arabic


Sri. MUHAMMED ASLAM K P Assistant professor M.A, M.Ed


Dept. of Physical Education Sri. SOORAJ. C.P   Assistant professor M P Ed



Non-Teaching Staff

Smt. JISHANA.K M.Lisc Librarian
Smt. MANJUSHA.K.E Accountant
Sri. NASHIF.M Lab Assistant
Smt. RAJINA.V P Office Assistant
Sri. SURENDRAN.M Attender
Smt.USHA P C Attender Cum Sweeper

College Council

The college council is a body with the Principal as chairman and all heads of departments and  college librarian as members to advise the principal in the internal affairs of college.

Academic and Administrative wings

Admission Committee                   :   Principal –Chairman

Time table                                   :   Smt. Sheena E(convener)

IQAC :   Sri.Habeebu Rahman A(coordinator)

College Canteen                          :   Sri. Sooraj CP(coordinator)

Career Guidance,Placement Training :    Sri. Habeebu Rahman(convener)

Staff Editor                                  :   Smt. Saritha K(Coordinator)

Director E.D Club Convener College Store :   Sri. Muhammed Murshid(Director)

Library Advisory                           :   Smt. Namira P N(Convener)

PTA                              :   Sri. Shajal A(Secretory)

NSS                           :   Sri. Muhammed Murshid K(Programme Officer )

University Examinations :   Sri. Shemil B A(Chief Supt. in Charge)

internal Examinations :  Sri. Shajal A(Controller)

College Election  :   Prof. Rayeez Muhammed A P(Returning Officer)

Readers Forum                            :   Smt. Saira Banu(Convener)

Web site Administrator                 :   Sri. Nithin MK

Academic Monitoring Committee                  :  Principal –Chairman

 College store :Sri. Muhammed Murshid K(Convener)

Women cell :  Smt. Saritha K(Secretory)

Anti ragging committee : Principal (Chairman)

Discipline committee : Mr. sooraj(Convener)

Anti ragging squad : Mr. sooraj(Director)

Transportation committee :Smt.saritha (Convener)

:Santhosh P(Convener)

Advisory committee : prof sulaiman(Convener)

Staff advisor : Mr. sooraj(Convener)

Staff council :  Prof. Rayeez Muhammed A P(Secretary)

Fine arts :Mr. sudhin  TK(Director)

Physical education council :Mr. sooraj(Director)

Ethics committee :Mr. sudhin  TK(Convener)

Attendance committee : Prof. T Surashan (Convener)