B.Com CA Semester 3 Professional Business Skills

Module 1



Lecture 3-Traits and qualities of professionalism

Lecture 4

Lecture 5 Professional presentation

Lecture 6 Written communication

Lecture 7-Email

Lecture 8 E mail Etiquette

Lecture 9 Dos and Don’ts in e mail

Lecture 10 Technical Documentation

Lecture 11 Conclusion

Module 2

Lecture 12 E learning

Lecture 13 Online education

Lecture 14 Digital age learners

Lecture  15 Knowledge resources on internet

Lecture 16 E books

Lecture 17 Audio in E learning

Lecture 18 Video in E learning

Lecture 19 E content and tools

Lecture 20 Online library

Lecture 21  MOOC

Lecture 22 Mooc courses

Lecture 23 Techniques in e learning

Lecture 24 Approaches for e learning

Module 3

Lecture 25 Introduction and features of computers

Lecture 26 Concept of data

Lecture 27 Business data analysis

Lecture 28 Process of data analysis

Lecture 29 Data analyst

Lecture 30 Organisation and collection of data

Lecture 31 Data quality and integrity

Lecture 32 Missing data or incomplete dat

Lecture  33 Social networking analysis

Lecture 34 Big data analysis

Lecture 35 Data scientist

Lecture 36 Artificial intelligence

Lecture 37 Intelligent agents

Module 4

Lecture 38 Social and ethical issues of IT

Lecture 39 Digital divide

Lecture 40 IT and industry

Lecture 41 Digital security

Lecture 42 Cyber ethics and Cyber crime

Lecture 43 Remedial measures against security issues

Lecture  44 IT Act

Lecture 45 Cyber addiction

Lecture 46 Information overload

Lecture 47 E waste and green computing

Lecture 48 E governance

Lecture 49 E governance initiative in India

Module 5 

Lecture 50 Digital marketing

Lecture 51 Features, advantages and disadvantages of DM

Lecture 52 Trends and types of digital marketing

Lecture 53 Digital marketing models

Lecture 54 Online advertising

Lecture 55 Benefits and weaknesses of online me advertising

Lecture 56 Social media advertising

Lecture 57 Search engine analytics