BA. English Semester 3 Journalism 

Module 1

Lecture-1- Organizational structure of a newspaper

Lecture-2-Duties and responsibilities of a sub editor

Lecture-3 Senior sub editor, News editor, chief editor

Lecture 4 Bureau 

Module 2

News Definitions, types, News determines

Topic 2- News story structure

Topics -Features, Article, Interview, Middle, Review

Topic: Reporting Practices

Topic “News Agencies

Module 3

Editing-(Objectives &Principle )

Editing, Headline


Introduction of Television and cinima Evolution of Television, Part 1

Evolution of Television Part 2

Evolution of television part-3

Evolution of television part 4

Television News Programs, Part-1

News Television programs, part 2

Television news programs, part 3

News Television programs, part 4

An overview of cinema, part 1

An overview of Cinema, part 2

Cinema in India

Malayalam Cinema

Basics of film making

Basics of cinema part 2