BBA Semester 3 Financial Management

Module 1

Lecture 1 -introduction

Lecture 2 meaning of finance

Lecture 3 meaning of Financial Management

Module 2

Lecture 4 Financing decision

Lecture 5 cost of debt

Lecture 6 cost of irredeemable debts

Lecture 7 cost of preference shares

Lecture 8 Cost of Equity shares

Lecture 9 cost of equity Earning price method

Lecture 10 cost of equity Realized yield method

Lecture 10  part(2) cost of retained earnings

Lecture 11 Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Lecture 12 Book value and market value

Lecture 13 WACC Problem solution

Lecture 14 Sources of finance

Lecture 15 Sources of long term finance

Lecture 16 Problems and solution

Lecture 17 Problems and solution

Lecture 18 Capital structure” on YouTube

Lecture 19 Leverage analysis

Lecture 20 Calculation of leverages

Lecture  21 Degree of leverages

Lecture 22 Problem and solution

Lecture 23 Problem and solution

Module 3

Lecture 24 Capital budgeting

Lecture 25 Process and Techniques of capital budgeting

Lecture 26 Profitability statement

Lecture  27 Payback period

Lecture 28 Problems and solutions

Lecture 29 Improvement in traditional method

Lecture  30 Rate of return (ARR) Method

Lecture 31 Advantages and disadvantages of ARR

Lecture 32  Net present value method

Lecture 33 NPV problem and solution

Lecture 34 problem and solution NPV

Lecture 35 Problem and solutions NPV

Lecture 36 Internal rate of return

Lecture 37 Problem and solution IRR

Lecture 38 NPV v/s IRR

Lecture 39 NTV Method

Module 4

Lecture 40 Working capital management

Lecture 41 Components and sources of working capital

Lecture 42 Estimation of working capital

Lecture 43 Problem and solution

Lecture 44 Operating cycle method

Lecture 45 Cash management

Lecture  46 Management of inventory

Lecture 47 Management of receivables

Lecture 48 Problems and solution

Module 5

Lecture 49 Dividend decision

Lecture 50 MM Theory (Irrelevance theory)

Lecture 51 Walter’s model(Relevance theory)

Lecture 52 Gorden’s model(Relevance theory)