BCA Semester 2 OR

1- Introduction

Module 3

 lesson 3.1:Transportation problem (NWCM)

lesson 3.2:Least cost and vogals method

 lesson 3.3:Optimum solution MODI method

lesson 3.4:Optimisation problem

lesson 3.5:Optimisation problem

Lesson 3.6:Degeneracy in Transportation problem

lesson 3.7:Unbalanced transportation problem

Module 4

 lesson 4.1:Assignment problem

Lesson 4.2:Hungarian Method

lesson 4.3:Travelling salesman problem phase 1

 lesson 4.4:Travelling salesman problem phase 2

Module 5

Lesson 5.1:Network scheduling

Lesson 5.2:Types of Network Techniques

Lesson 5.3:Critical Path method

 lesson 5.4: PERT

Module 2

lesson 2.1:Linear programming problem

lesson 2.3:Big M method

Lesson 2.4: mixed type problems

lesson 2.5:Two phase method


Lecture 1 -Network scheduling 

Lecture 2 CPM

 lecture 3 PERT

 lecture 4 LPP introduction

 lecture 5 LPP

 lecture 6 LPP

lecture 7 LPP

lecture 8 LPP

lecture 9 LPP

 lecture 10 LPP