BscCS Semester2 C programming

Module 1

Lecture no:1: Introduction to C Programming 

Lecture no 2:  Introduction to C

Lecture no:3: Data types

Module 2

Lecture No 4: Operators in C

Module 3

Lecture No:5

Lecture 3.2 Looping in c

Lecture no:3.3: While Loop

Lecture no:8 Topic: Jumps and Skipping in C


Module 4

Lecture no:9 Topic: Array in C Introduction

Lecture no:10 Topic: Different types in Array

Lecture no:11 Topic: Two dimensional Array

Lecture no:12 Topic: Strings and its functions in c

Lecture no.13 Topic. String handling function in c 1

Lecture no.14 Topic. String handling functions in c part 2

Lecture no.15 Topic. C functions part 1







Lecture-Array 2

Lecture-Array 3

Lecture pointers 1

Lecture pointers 2

Lecture pointers 3

Lecture structure

Lecture Structure and arrays

Lecture pointer to structure

Lecture pointer and function

Lecture Union

Lecture File

Lecture storage classes

Lecture Dynamic memory allocation