BscCSSemester3 Probability distribution and sampling theory

Module 1

Binomial distribution PART1

Binomial distribution PART2

Binomial distribution PART3

Binomial distribution PART4

Poisson Distribution PART 1

Poisson Distribution PART2

Poisson distribution PART3

Uniform distribution

Geometric distribution

Geometric distribution problems

Negative Binomial distribution and Rectangular distribution

Exponential distribution

Gamma distribution

Normal distribution PART1

Normal distribution PART2

Normal distribution PART3

Normal distribution PART4

Beta distribution

Std. Distributions


Chebyshev’s inequality

Weak Law of large numbers

Bernoulli Law of large Numbers

Lindberg Levy form of CLT

Limit theorems- Problems


Statistical survey

Methods of Random Sampling

Module 4

Sampling distribution of Sample mean

Chi square distribution PART1

Chi square distribution PART 2

Sampling distribution of sample variance & Students t distribution

F Distribution