BSc. Psychology Semester 2 psychology(Basic themes)


Lecture no: 1.1 cognition introduction

Lecture no: 1.2 Thinking and unit of thought part 1

Lecture no: 1.3 Basic units of thought part 1

Lecture no: 1.4 Basic units of Thought part 2

Lecture no: 1.4  Language- part 1

Lecture no: 1.5 – Language- part 1

Lecture no: 1.6 – Structure of Language

Lecture no: 1.7 Theories of Language Development

Lecture no: 1.8- Reasoning

Module: 3

Module 4

lecture no: 4.6 Emotion and brain

lecture no: 4.8 Positive emotions

lecture no: 4.9 Expression of emotion: Non verbal cues

lecture no: 4.10 Facial expressions

lecture no: 4.11 Body language

lecture no: 4.13 Theories of emotion 1

lecture no: 4.14 Theories of emotion 2

Module 2

Lecture no 1- Memory Introduction 

Lecture no 2 – Information Processing Model

Lecture no 3 – Atkinson and shiffirin Model Part 1

Lecture no 4 Flow of Information 

Lecture no 5 Levels of Processing 

Lecture no 6- Working memory model part 1

Lecture no 7- Working memory model part 2

Lecture no 8-Nature of Memory model (Types of LTM) 

Lecture no 9- Retrieval from LTM

Lecture No:34 Measuring memory


Lecture No: 41

Lecture No:42 Forgetting and curve of forgetting

Lecture No:43 Encoding failure,Trace Decay theory

Lecture No: 44 Interference Theory

Lecture No:45 Retrieval Failure

Lecture No :46 Motivated Forgetting-Repression

Lecture No :47 Strategies for Remembering (part 1)

Lecture No: 48 Strategies for Remembering (part 2)








Module 1

Lecture No:04 Language and Structure of Language

Lecture No:05 Role Of Language In Thinking


Module: 3

Lecture Topic: 49.Definition of Motivation

Lecture Topic: 50. Drive Theory

Lecture Topic: 51. Incentive Theory

Lecture Topic: 52. Hierarchy Of Needs

Lecture Topic: 53. Arousal Theory


Module 4

Lecture-69-Definition of emotion

Lecture-70-Elements of emotion

Lecture 71.Cognitive Component

Lecture 72. Physiological Component.

Lecture 73. Behavioral Component

Topic: 74. Primary Emotions

Topic: 75. Positive Emotions

Topic: 76. Brain and Emotion

Topic: 77. Physiology of Emotion

Topic: 78. Fight or Flight

Topic: 79 Sudden Death

Topic: 80. Lie Detectors

Topic: 81. Expression of Emotion

Topic: 82 Assessment of emotion

Topic:83 James Lange Theory

Topic: 84 Cannon Bard Theory

Topic: 85. Opponent process theory

Topic: 86 Schachter’s Two Factor Theory

Topic: 87 Lazarus’s theory of cognitive appraisal

Topic: 88 Facial Feedback Hypothesis

Topic”: 89 Evolutionary Theories of emotion