BSc. Psychology Semester 5 Developmental psychology

Module 1

Lecture No:01 Development

Lecture No: 02 Periods of development

Lecture No:3 Historical foundation of developmental psychology-1

Lecture No:4 Historical foundations of developmental psychology-2

Lecture No:05 Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory

Lecture No:06 Erik Erikson’s Theory

Lecture No:07 Erik Erikson’s Theory (part 2)

Lecture No :08 Developmental Task

Lecture No:09 Behaviourism (part 1)

Lecture No:10 Behaviourism (part 2)

Lecture No: 11 Behaviourism (part 3)

Lecture No:12 Behaviourism (part 4)

Lecture No :13 Social Learning Theory

Lecture No:14 Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory

Module 2

Lecture No:1 Prenatal Development (introduction)

Lecture No: 2 Fertilization

Lecture No: 3 Germinal period

Lecture No:4 Embryonic Period

Lecture No: 5 Fetal Period

Lecture No:6 Effect of Teratogens

Lecture No: 7 Effect of Teratogens ( part 2)

Lecture No:8 Effect of Teratogens (part 3)

Lecture No: 9 Effect of Teratogens (Part 4)

Lecture No : 10 Effect Of Teratogens (Part 5)

Lecture No: 11  Effect of Teratogens (Part 6)

Lecture No:12 Effect of Teratogens (Part 7)

Lecture No:13 Birth Process (Stages)

Lecture No: 14 Methods of Child Birth

Lecture No: 15 Prenatal Diagnostic tests

Lecture No: 16 Prenatal Diagnostic Tests (part 2)

Lecture No:17 Perinatal Diagnostic Tests

Lecture No: 18 Birth Complications and Their Effects (Part 1)

Lecture No: 19 Birth Complications and Their Effect (Part 2)

Lecture No:20 Post partum period Physical and Emotional Adjustment

Module 3

lecture no 1 newborn reflexes

Lecture n0 2 gross motor development

lecture no 3 fine motor skills

lecture no 4 perceptual development 

lecture no 5 Perceptual development 2

lecture no 6 Perceptual development 3

lecture no 7 Perceptual development 4

lecture no 8 physical development 1 

Lecture no 9 Physical development in adolescence 1

Lecture no 10 Physical development in adolescence 2

Lecture no 11 Physical development in early adulthood 1

Lecture no 12 Health issues in early adulthood 2

Lecture no 13 Middle adulthood 1

Lecture no 14 Middle adulthood 2

Lecture no 15 Middle adulthood 3

Module 4

lecture no 4.1 Cognitive Development

lecture no. 4.2 sensory motor stage

lecture no .4.3 Language development 1

lecture no .4.4 Language development 2

lecture no .4.5 Schaie’s model of cognitive development