Msc. Psychology Semester2 Psychopathology

Lecture 13 -part 1( Reactive stress  )

Lecture 13 -Part 2 (Dis inhibited Social Engagement Disorder.)

Lecture 13- part 3-PTSD

Lecture 13 -part 4-ASD

Lecture-13-part 5-Adjustment disorders

Lecture-14-Management of trauma and stressor related

Lecture 15-Anxiety Disorders

Lecture-16-selective mutism

Lecture-17 Specific phobia 

Lecture-18-Social Anxiety Disorder

Lecture-19- Panick Attack

Lecture-20- Agoraphobia

Lecture-21- Generalised Anxiety Disorder 

Lecture-22- Substance induced or medication induced 

Lecture 70
Lecture 71